Sunday, September 14, 2014

As I stumbled through life the other day.....

Somehow, the other day, I ended up on Disney's back lot.

I have never been a Disney Geek, but I immediately recognized the Roy E. Disney building.  Why wouldn't I?   I've seen it in enough pictures and shows over the years.  It is easy to enough to recognize.  LOL.  Who wouldn't?

While everyone else in the car seemed indifferent, I found it to be rather exciting.  I noticed that the people working at the building seemed to have grown quite custom to it's presence.  In fact, when I looked around the driveway, everyone was merely arriving or heading to a meeting.

I took a quick snapshot and headed in a different building, in a different direction - to my own meeting.

Friday, September 12, 2014

New 52: Green Arrow ArtFX+ Statue

This is part of the ongoing series being produced by Kotobukiya.  If you haven't had a chance to look at any of the others, I would definitely recommend that you go back and take a look.  As I have already mentioned, I have already picked up Aquaman and the Flash.  The next one on my list is the Green Arrow.

Distributor: DC Direct
Sculptor: Atelier Bamboo
Height: 7.5”
Available: November 2014
Price: $59.99

As I tend to prefer simplified, I'm sticking to some bullets:

  • Pricing.  This entire series has been the perfect price.  For beginners, budget conscious, or someone considering having the entire DC universe.   The price on this one makes it an easy to have.
  • The sculpting, colors, and even the pose are spot on.  Similar to Aquaman, this is simply a pretty piece.  One of my favorite parts of the sculpture is the bow.   NICE!
  • He still has an Errol Flynn look to him, with the updated look of wearing the hood.
While it is an awesome stand alone piece, he still does look better with the collection.  Other than that, I couldn't really see a con to getting him.

Recommendation:  HOT BUY!
From price, to the sculpting and colors, this is a beautiful piece.  I have a very good feeling that he will be sitting on my desk.  Finally, whether you realize it or not, Errol Flynn (who was before my time) was still cool.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kotobukiya Deathstroke - Just WOW!

In the midst of relocating, I haven't had that much time for collecting statues; however, there was no way that I was going to pass on the Kotobukiya Deathstroke statue.

Wow!  This was an excellent snatch.

Kotobukiya is doing some incredible work.

Especially on their 52 series.  While I wouldn't mind having the entire collection, I'm being rather selective.  If you haven't picked any of them up, you should.  It looks like they will be doing the entire DC Universe.  Or, I could be simply fantasizing.   There are a lot of obscure heroes and villains that I would love to add to my collection, and the 52 series is an excellent medium.  I've grabbed both Aquaman and the Flash.  I am waiting on the Green Arrow.

Back to Deathstroke.   WOW!   Have I said, "Wow!"

While it is fun that I can remove his mask, I really prefer it on.  Overall, the sculpting and paint job are spot on.  Kudos to Kotobukiya.


Friday, March 28, 2014

It Must Be Great To Have a Dad Who Can Turn You Into a Super Hero

Daniel Hashimoto is a Dreamworks animator and one of the greatest dads ever.

While pretending to be Batman, waving a light saber about, and jumping over lava onto your couch were all things we did as kids, nothing is as cool as seeing yourself doing these in real life.

Check out some of the videos from The Action Movie Kid Youtube channel.

Check out the rest of the videos on The Action Movie Kid.

via Gizmodo